BOS Ice Tea Caption Challenge

Our friends at BOS Ice Tea approached us to come up with a digital amplification for their “BOS Safaris” activation campaign. The idea for their campaign was inspired by the well-known Gary Larson cartoon of wild animals viewing humans in the same way that humans partake in game-viewing.

BOS Safari

We quickly realised that this obvious role reversal would place the BOS Animals in awkward and/or hilarious situations while on safari. We proposed setting up a Facebook application that would display these funny situations and give fans the opportunity to create their own Gary Larsonesque snapshots.

The best caption (as voted by the BOS Team) for each frame would win a case of BOS Ice Tea, while the overall winner would walk away with a fully stocked BOS fridge.

Even though our objective was never to increase Facebook fans – and being a fan was never a requirement to take part in the competition – the amplification still resulted in a 22% increase in Likes on the BOS Ice Tea Facebook Page.