Five Black Bins

Five Black Bins from Cow Africa on Vimeo.

Five Black Bins brings together five Cape Town design studios to redesign five garbage bins in Woodstock, Cape Town. The urban design project was conceptualised and curated by non-traditional agency, Cow.

Five random addresses in Woodstock were selected. Designers were briefed to use the bin as a canvas but to take into consideration the context of its surroundings as well. Am I Collective, Cow, Kronk, The President and Room 13 were the five agencies that got involved.

Once the designs were completed, bespoke vinyls were printed. Cow then abducted the selected bins, applied the vinyls and returned the transformed bins to their homes.

The current black garbage bin (or “wheelie bin”) dates back to the late 70s and was introduced to South Africa in the late 80s. They typically hold 120, 240 or 360 litres, with 240 litres being the most common.

“We were interested in how homeowners decorate their bins by painting their street name and number on to prevent them from being stolen,” says Steyn Strauss from Cow. “This got us thinking about the space and how the bin works together with the house it’s in front of, as well as the street and neighbourhood it’s in.”

The bins, (if they’ve not been stolen) can be see at the following addresses:

15A Chamberlain
29 Chamberlain
4 Devonshire
13 Cavendish
37 Balfour