Unilever Healthy Hearts

Hot off the heels of the Flora Healthy Heart Challenge, Cow was briefed to launch Test the Nation (Flora’s Cholesterol Testing campaign) to staff at the Unilever offices in Durban.

Using the main foyer as our canvas, we set the journey to healthy heart.
First people could have their cholesterol tested at one of three stations positioned as our focal points.

BMI and BP were then tested in our lounge area where nurses were ready to give one on one consults.

If you tested high in your cholesterol test, you could pro-actively start your journey to a healthy heart by going over to the Virgin Active Lounge to sign up for a gym memberships or alternatively take part in our live Zumba sessions
scheduled for lunch time.

The queues didn’t hold up from 7:30am that morning until for 4:30 pm that evening. In total approximately 70% of the staff at Unilever had their cholesterol tested. Meaning 70% of all Unilever staff are now in a position to positively influence their heart health.

According to Le-anne Bartman, Brand Developer for Flora: about half the building was seen at the gym that evening and people are still talking about their scores

Watch this space to see how Flora makes over those unhealthy hearts that scored high.

We’ll keep you posted!