Lisa’s accidental #InstaFame

Meet Lisa Ting Chong, senior designer at Cow, and creator of marvellous minimalist masterpieces, much to the excitement of her 19 000+ Instagram followers. Her bio reads “I don’t read books, I read pictures”. We can definitely vouch for that.

If you go through her feed you’ll see she does indeed read pictures in a different way, which translates into beautiful simplicity that you’d never have noticed otherwise. And then there are those sunset and nature shots. *Swoon*

Lees was selected as one of the first Instagrammers to exhibit at the Johannesburg Photo and Film Expo 2013 as part of Snapgram. She served as a judge for the @instageeksza Instagram competition and is also a member of @_rsa_minimal.

All the images are shot with her iPhone, and she seldom filters them. You’ll agree she probably doesn’t need to. Below is a taste of what we’re talking about. Check out the rest here.