U2 Band Facebook Application for Big Concerts

To promote the South African leg of the U2 “360” tour, we created two interactive Facebook applications that allowed fans of U2 to be the first to find out about the band’s tour and find out more about the tour.

A week before revealing which band would be touring SA in 2011, we helped create hype by creating a teaser application that allowed fans to “RSVP to find out first”. The application used the U2 360 logo, where we replaced the logo text with “FEB 2011” instead.

Thousands of Facebook users RSVP’d to find out which act would be hitting the South African shores. On the given date, we updated the application to include the name of the U2 tour, as well as video, a Twitter feed and image gallery. We also included an events section where fans with tickets could RSVP if they were attending the concert.

To increase the reach of the campaign, the applications would post Facebook users’ actions on the Facebook application to their newsfeeds. For instance, if you RSVP’d to watch the show in Cape Town, that message would be shared with all your friends through their newsfeed. Photos and videos could also be shared.

All in all, the application assisted in growing the Big Concerts page by nearly 10,000 users (the page was newly created just before the application went live).

To view it, visit the Big Concerts page while the link is still live.