You know what we did last summer… or do you?

It seems like quite a while ago with the Cape Town winter running rampant, but last summer we did a really cool campaign with Lipton Ice Tea. Their creative platform was “Keep Your Cool”, which is obviously what Lipton does – and what you need to do on a busy summer’s day.

With this platform in mind, we came up with the Lipton Temper Test – a social media application that you can access straight from your mobile phone and, based on your last 1,000 tweets or Facebook status updates, it gives you an appropriate temper rating.

To do this, we created our own custom dictionaries – one with hot, angry words, and the other with cold, friendly words. Together with our on-fire developers, we came up with a sophisticated algorithm that calculates weight within your status updates and uses a training mechanism similar to Google and Yahoo!’s spam filters, meaning every time somebody did the test it would become more intelligent.

We also wanted to add a bit more flavour to it, so we did the Temper Test on celebrities with open social network profiles. The result was an appropriate temper rating, as well as a Lipton Ice Tea recommendation to bring down a hot temper, or prop up a chilled one.

Here’s a video of the mobile application.