Lipton – Keep Your Cool

The Brief:

As part of their summer campaign, Lipton Ice Tea wanted to extend their ‘keep your cool’ platform into social media in order to broaden its reach and to engage with Lipton consumers on a personal level.

What we did:

We conceptualised and developed the Lipton Temper Test – a nifty little app that calculates how chilled or angry you are by scanning your last 1,000 Facebook status updates and tweets.

For added fun, you could compare yourself to celebrities. While Helen Zille and Tom Cruise recorded explosive results, DJ Fresh and Danny K were more chilled than Ghandi.

A combination of mobile, search and social media ads drove initial traffic while social media sharing did the rest. The app worked on both desktops and cellphones.


The Lipton Temper Test clocked up 40 000 hits during the campaign, with 9 000 unique hits in the first month. It received a whole bunch of social shares, retweets and press before going on to clinch a silver Loerie in the Mobile category. Cool enough? We think so.