The Grid – SA Mood Map


The Grid is South Africa’s first location-based mobile social network. Users can upload content and tag it to specific locations, recommend venues (e.g. clubs; restaurants; etc.) and get directions to venues recommended by others.

The brief:

  • Increase The Grid’s brand awareness
  • Show it’s location based functionality
  • Generate interest around the brand and
  • Get free PR coverage

What we did:

  • We created a ‘Mood Map’ whereby users on The Grid updated their moods every day. This was broadcasted on ETV after the weather report.
  • The moods were displayed according to province and showed that the majority of that specific province was happy, grumpy, hungover, in love, etc.
  • We created a map to resemble the same layout as the actual weather map. So the weatherman could also present the moods in South Africa in the same way as the weather.

The Results:

  • Television coverage
  • Coverage both in print and online.
  • We can deduce that over a million viewers were exposed to The Grid’s mood maps.
  • A total of 24 various publications reported on this innovative technology
  • Three main newspapers published the story: Beeld, Cape Argus and Volksblad
  • A numerous amount of people blogged and tweeted about it