Flora’s Heart Stars…

As part of Test The Nation, Flora recently tested the cholesterol levels of more than 700 Unilever employees. More than half of those tested with high cholesterol.

To show how committed Flora is to getting their company on their way to heart health, they kicked off the Unilever Healthy Heart Makeover Challenge. They selected 7 of the unhealthy hearts from various departments, ages and lifestyles to makeover. Over the next three weeks Flora sought to positively transform theses contestants approach to nutrition, physical activity and stress management.

Cow was tasked with making soap stars of these contestants and amplifying their presence so that whether at their desks on their computers, over the canteen counters, at the turnstiles and throughout the building, everyone was talking about and following the Unilever Healthy Heart Makeover.

Through a series of online and ambient tactics that were phased out over the three weeks, we brought the Unilever Healthy Heart Makeover to life.